In early 1983, Karl-Heinz Leciejewicz came up with the idea of cooking in a private household. From this concept, discussions with potential customers revealed that there was a shortage of home-based staff. Mr. Leciejewicz picked up this idea, because he knew many people in the gastronomy sector and worked in the service sector. He spoke to these people and thus gradually arranged for the corresponding domestic staff in families. As demand continued to rise and Mr. Leciejewicz was employee of a public institution in 1983, he quit his employment and became self-employed with the placement of domestic staff. In 1984 he founded the GmbH with the name "LESACO - mediation of domestic staff, service personnel and services of any kind". The company grew steadily, so over time Leciejewicz recruited more and more employees, extending their network across Europe as customer demand rose steadily. In the course of time, he had then found contact persons who supported him in his case. Thus, the first partnerships established in Switzerland, in Austria, in Spain and in Portugal. In 1986, Mr. Leciejewicz got the license to broker housekeeping from the Federal Employment Agency. The company grew rapidly, so more and more employees were hired. In 1994, Mr. Leciejewicz premises in the private estate had become too small, so he had to spread out and rent an office outside to give the company larger premises. In 2001, Mr. Leciejewicz moved into a self-built new building, where he still resides today. In 2004, Mr. Leciejewicz started with the "EHA" home school, where he retrained domestic staff for private households, educated them and laid the foundations for their later employment in private households. In the course of 2011, Mr. Leciejewicz trained nearly 500 housekeepers between the ages of 40 and 55, who in retrospect found a position in the private household, covered by insurance. In 2017, a new homepage was installed, which will be pushed forward quickly over the next few years. At this time, Mr. Leciejewicz has been very successful in helping 2,500 families around the world to hire high-quality domestic staff. He partly looks after these families in the third generation and supplies these families not only with domestic staff for their main residences, but also for their vacation-residences around the world.