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Lesaco Unternehmens- und Personalberatung GmbH has since 1983 been specialised in sophisticated private households and the problems directly associated with them

We offer you strategic advice and staff from occupations relating to the private household

Housekeepers (male/female/diverse), pre-school teachers (male/female/diverse), nurses and children’s nurses (male/female/diverse), caretaker husband-wife teams (male/female/diverse), butlers (male/female/diverse), companions (male/female/diverse), carers/guardians (male/female/diverse), chauffeurs (male/female/diverse), cooks (male/female/diverse), private secretaries (male/female/diverse), other business staff (male/female/diverse).


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Why not spare yourself time-consuming work ploughing through unsuitable applications and take advantage of our services – searching for staff only wastes your valuable business time.

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